Super Mario World Returns (Final) (alt)

Princess Toadstool is missing again! Looks like Bowser is at it again! Mario must get over Bowser's new trap.

Status/Note:Rom size stored at xFFD7 PC address instead of LoROM.
Filename(s):💟 空中马力
Internal ID:SMWR
Categorized:🗾 Japanese
Produced By:KT
Approx Date:2004-08-17 (Copyright: 2003-2004)
Binary Size:16 Mbit (2 MByte)
Apply Patch: BPS (341 KB) IPS (777 KB)
CRC32 Check:54E878FC - header mismatch (altered ID?)
SHA-1 Check:dbdc3dafa96cacd30a15c6cda1f9ac6a6f48a53a
Header Info:@32K: 16Mb(+16Kb) LoROM+SRAM V1.05 L01-NTSC/US 255F/DAA0
Other Stuff:
Lunar Magic:Version 1.61 🔒
Level Edits:110 (est.)
First Level:106 Flower Island 1
Level Images(are auto produced and may have errors!)

0C7 Title Screen
07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:0EC 14:0EC
0C5 Intro Screen
001 Flower Island 2
002 The Sea of Soda 2
0A:0CB 11:1CA
003 The Sea of Soda 1
0C:030 11:1CA
004 Water Castle
09:0F9 0C:030 11:1CA 12:0FA
005 Soda Fortress Zone
0C:030 11:1CA
006 Secret Base Zone 1C
06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 16:0C3
008 Flower Island 3
009 Goomba Plains 1
07:0FD 0B:0E3
00A Goomba Plains 2
07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:0EC 14:0EC
00B Goomba Secret
07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:0EC 14:0EC
00C Goomba Plains 3
07:0FD 0B:0E3 10:034 13:0EC 14:0EC
00D Castle of Thwomp
04:0DC 05:0DA 0C:035
00E The Sea of Soda 3
00F The Mine of Chuck 1
010 The Mine of Chuck 2
04:010 09:010 0D:010
011 Blizzard Garden 1
0C:0DA 0F:0C6 11:1CA
012 Blizzard Garden 2
04:032 0B:033 0C:0C6 11:1CA
013 The Mine of Chuck 3
04:010 09:010 0D:010
014 The Mine of Chuck 4
04:010 09:010 0D:010 11:0C2
015 The Mine of Chuck 5
04:010 09:010 0D:010 11:0C2
016 Crystal Mountain 1
017 Crystal Mountain 2
04:010 09:010 0D:010 11:0C2 1A:0C0
018 Forgotten Forest 1
0D:0CD 16:0CE
019 Forgotten Forest 2
01A Forgotten Forest 3A
0D:0CD 16:0CE
01B Forgotten Forest 3B
14:0D1 16:0CE 8D:0CD
01C Forgotten Forest 4
0D:0CD 16:0CE
01D Grave yard of Ship
0D:0CD 10:036 14:0D1 16:0CE
01E Great Showers 1
0C:030 0D:0C4 11:1CA
01F Great Showers 2
07:0FD 0B:0E3 0F:03A 13:039 14:0EC 79:0DE
020 Great Showers 3
07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC
021 The Sea of Soda 4
022 The Sea of Torpedo
0A:0CB 0F:0D7 11:1CA
023 Great Showers 4
07:0FD 0B:0E3 0E:0ED 13:039 14:0EC
105 Start Place
106 Flower Island 1
107 Pirhana River
03:1FB 0A:1EA 14:1EA
108 Shower Secret
07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC
109 Cannon Valley 1
10A Cannon Valley 2
02:1FC 05:1FD 0C:030 11:1CA 15:1F0
10B Cannon Valley 3
10C Cannon Valley 4
0C:030 0E:1FA 11:1CA 15:1F0
10D Bowser's Tower
03:1D0 09:1C7 0C:030 12:0FA 91:1CA
10F Sunset Wilderness 1
03:1FB 0A:1EA 14:1EA
110 Sunset Wilderness 2
03:1FB 06:1D9 0A:1EA 14:1DA
111 Sunset Wilderness 3
112 Secret Base Zone 1A
06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3
113 Secret Base Zone 2
06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3
114 Secret Base Zone 1B
06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3 1A:1C9
115 Central of Base
06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3 81:1BB

030 02:003 11:1CA

031 0C:0C6 11:1CA

032 0C:012 0E:031 11:1CA

033 0C:012 0D:012 11:012

034 01:00C 07:0FD 0B:0E3

035 04:0DC 05:0DA 0C:0E8

036 06:038 0D:0CD 0E:037 14:0D1 16:0CE

037 0D:0CD 0E:037 14:0D1 16:0CE

038 02:037 0D:0CD 0E:037 14:0D1 16:0CE

039 07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC 16:0BD

03A 07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC

093 00:004 02:003 05:004 11:1CA 86:093

0BD 07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC

0BF 02:00F 8B:0BF

0C0 00:016 01:016 04:010 09:010 0D:010 11:0C2 82:016

0C2 04:010 09:010 0C:014 0D:010 11:0C2

0C3 01:101 02:006 0C:030 11:1CA

0C4 0C:030 11:1CA 81:01E

0C6 0E:031 11:1CA

0CB 00:0F3 11:1CA

0CD 03:018

0CE 03:018

0CF 03:018 11:0D0

0D0 00:0CF 03:018

0D1 0D:0CD 16:0CE

0D2 01:101 02:006 0C:030 11:1CA

0D7 0A:0CB 0B:0D8 11:1CA

0D8 0C:030 11:1CA

0DA 01:011 11:1CA 8C:0C6

0E3 07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC 81:020

0E8 04:0DC 05:0DA 80:0E2 DE:001

0EC 00:00A 07:0FD 0B:0E3

0ED 07:0FD 0B:0E3 13:039 14:0EC

0F0 0F:0F1

0F1 0F:0F1


0F9 02:003 05:004 11:1CA

0FA 00:004 02:003 05:004 11:1CA 86:093

0FF 11:1CA

1BB 00:1F1 06:112 0C:1F2 11:1CA 16:0C3

1C9 06:0D2 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3 8C:030

1CA 00:106 0F:1CA

1CB 06:112 0C:030 11:1CA 16:0C3 80:1F1

1D0 01:1BB 06:0D2 0C:10D 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3

1D9 00:110 03:1FB 0A:1EA 14:1EA

1DA 00:110 03:1FB 0A:1EA 14:1EA

1EA 03:1FB 8A:1EA

1F0 0C:030 11:1CA

1F1 06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 16:0C3 92:1CB

1F2 06:0D2 0C:030 11:1CA 12:1CB 16:0C3 1A:1C9


1FB 01:107 0A:1EA





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